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2011 Mantis 7250


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Weighing only 21 pounds, the incredibly powerful but lightweight Mantis Electric Tiller / Cultivator tills even the hardest of soils. The secret is the patented Mantis serpentine tines! Use the Mantis Electric Tiller to easily break new ground when you're ready to start your garden. Once your garden is established, use the Mantis Electric Tiller to cultivate and weed. Maintaining your garden has never been easier! Our tines are guaranteed for LIFE against breakage. And the Mantis Tiller is backed by a 5-Year Warranty!

See for yourself how easy gardening can be with the Mantis Electric Tiller. It is so easy to start, and maneuvers nimbly in narrow rows, along fences, or in raised bed gardens.

  • 10" Tilling Depth: Or reverse the tires to shallow cultivate the top 2" - 3" of soil.
  • 3 Speeds: Just click the speed that you need. Choose cultivating, tilling, or digging.
  • Backed By the Mantis Promise: Try any product that you buy directly from Mantis with NO RISK! If you're not completely satisfied, send it back to us within one year for a complete no-hassle refund.
  • Compact Design: Makes it easy to till in narrow spaces; tills a 9" path.
  • Easy to start: Simply plug it in and squeeze the throttle.
  • Fold-down handles: For convenient storage.
  • Lifetime Guarantee Against Broken Tines: If one of them ever breaks, we'll replace it for FREE. No matter how long you've owned your tiller.
  • Lightweight: Just 21 pounds. Easy to lift, with built-in carrying handle.
  • Patented, Reversible Serpentine Tines: Our exclusive design digs deep into any soil, even hard clay, and won't bounce like other mini-tillers. Our secret is the tine design.
  • Quiet, powerful: 540 watt motor spins the tines at up to 240 RPM, delivering approximately 3/4 hp to the tines. 115 volt double-insulated electric motor. Built-in circuit breaker protects motor from overload.
  • Engine: Electric, 115V double-insulated, 540 watt circuit breaker
  • Power Level: 3/4 hp
  • Speeds: 3 speeds. Tines engage only when you squeeze the throttle. Speed control and quick shut-off switch at your fingertips. Gives you greater control; you won't have to worry about a "runaway" tiller.
  • Swath: (Tilling) 9 inches
  • Tilling Depth: 10 inches or reverse the tines to shallow cultivate 2-3 inches
  • Tines: (Speed) Tines spin at up to 240 RPM
  • Tines: Patented, reversible serpentine; guaranteed for LIFE against breakage
  • Weight: 21 pounds
General Information
  • Handle: Fold-down handles with convenient carrying handle
  • Warranty: 5-year consumer warranty / 2-year commerical warranty; the best warranty in its class!



Engine Type
Electric, 115V double-insulated, 540 watt circuit breaker


Tine Diameter
(Speed) Tines spin at up to 240 RPM
21 pounds