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Honda Harmony Riding Mowers

In developing the Harmony series of mowers, Honda's goal is to meet both your environmental and economic concerns. That means building mowers that allow you to dispose of grass clippings based on your needs at an affordable price. And like all Honda products, the Harmony is designed to last.

Honda. In Harmony With Your Mowing Needs.
If lawn care is a necessary part of your home maintenance routine, you've probably faced this dilemma. How to find one mower that's powerful and easy to operate, yet doesn't cost as much as a summer vacation. The answer may be the convenience and versatility of a riding mower. And with the new Harmony from Honda you don't have to compromise quality for affordability. The new Harmony Riding Mowers are the latest in Honda's line of lawn care equipment. These riding mowers are easy to operate and they offer the flexibility of side-discharge, mulching or rear bagging.

Ride This Way
Riding mowers offer a number of advantages over walk-behind mowers. Comfort and convenience are two of the more obvious reasons people often choose riders. And the greater cutting width of riding mowers let you save time by mowing faster. Riders also offer advantages over large tractors. Their compact size allows excellent visibility and maneuverability in tight spaces. Plus, storage is easier that with larger tractors. A Harmony riding mower gives you all this and more.

Honda Has the Keys to a Better Lawnmower
Start with the proven Honda engine. Thousands of people do already. The Harmony Riding Mowers feature Honda's 11-horsepower OHV commercial grade engine. Combining this power with the 30" deck lets you do the job quickly with a well manicured finish. Honda's overhead valve technology is the most efficient engine design available for lawn care equipment. It uses 30% less fuel and 50% less oil than traditional side-valve engines. So your engine runs cleaner and you save time with fewer refueling stops. Plus, the Honda OHV engine design has helped Honda develop a reputation for engines that not only perform well, but provide years of dependable service.

Honda Cuts a Big Job Down To Size
Honda believes that a mower that works hard doesn't have to be hard work. So every Harmony Riding Mower is designed for ease of operation. One look tells you that this is no ordinary mower. All the controls are easy to see and reach. The H1011SA has electric starting as a standard feature, plus a manual transmission with 5 speeds from which to choose. Or you may prefer Honda's H1011HSA model, with automatic Hydrostatic transmission for infinitely variable speed and clutchless operation. In fact, Honda was the first to put the Hydrostatic type transmission into a riding mower.

A Better Mower From Start to Finish
Every Harmony mower features a superior deck design that maximizes air flow around the spinning blade. With the optional mulching kit, a unique system of baffles works with the special blade design to create lift that pulls the grass up and into the underside of the deck. Grass clippings are circulated evenly and repeatedly through the cutting area. the fine grass clippings are returned to your lawn, where they easily decompose into nutrients for the soil. As a result the HONDA Harmony provides a cut finish that is smooth and even. With the optional Grass catcher, the cut grass flows smoothly into the easy emptying bags. Or with standard side discharge, grass clippings are distributed evenly across your yard.

Built By People With Lawns Like Yours
Honda Harmony mowers were developed by our engineers in Marysville, Ohio. And they're manufactured exclusively at the Honda Power Equipment Factory in Swepsonville, North Carolina for sales and distribution throughout the world. Both facilities utilize the most advanced technology to ensure the quality you come to expect from Honda. Advanced Mower offers knowledge and expertise to ensure that your purchase is the right one for your needs. And there are a variety of retail payment plans to make buying your Harmony mower as easy as operating it. Plus, we are equipped to provide quality service after the sale. The Honda Harmony riding mowers are designed, built and sold by very particular people. We accept nothing below our high standards, simply because you shouldn't have to, either. The Honda Harmony is covered by a two year limited warranty.







11.0 HP OHV 4-stroke, air cooled



Fuel Tank Capacity

.9 U.S. Gal.




Mowing Width


Mowing Height Range

1.0"- 3.5"

Mowing Height Adjustments



Net Weight (Approx.)

352 lbs.

354 lbs.

Optional Kits

Mulching Kit, Grass Catcher Kit

Specifications subject to change without notice.