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Honda Industrial / Commercial Welder-Generator Model EW171

Honda Generators | Super Quiet | Deluxe | Industrial | Economy

Honda’s welder generator provides 171 amps of DC welding power with a 50% duty cycle in addition to 4000 watts of maximum AC power. This model offers standard Auto Throttle, two wheel transport kit and is powered by Honda’s 11 Hp OHV commercial GX engine.

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- Honda Single-cylinder, air cooled,  4-stroke overhead valve engine - Extremely fuel efficient & smooth running
- Automatic compression release (ACR) - For fast easy starting.
- Automatic Idle/ Throttle - Reduces engine speed when all loads / appliances are turned off or disconnected. Automatically returns to rated speed when loads / appliances are turned on or reconnected - This feature adds to Honda's fuel efficient operation.
- Large quiet muffler - Reduces noise / isolated from the engine to reduce vibration.
- Large fuel tank capacity - For long running times.
- Fuel Meter - Displays gas level in tank.
- Oil alert - Automatically shuts unit down when the oil drops below a safe operating level to prevent engine damage.
- Circuit Breakers - Automatically switches off if there is a short circuit or significant overload.
- DC Terminals - The DC terminals may ONLY be used for charging 12 volt automotive type batteries.
- DC Circuit Protector - The DC circuit protector automatically shuts off the DC
- Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) - An electronic device that ensures constant voltage output regardless of rated load for current sensitive devices. (i.e. computers)
- 2-wheel transport kit - For easy maneuvering
- Temperature Warning Lamp - The lamp indicates a hot running condition.

Engine  Honda 8HP (337 cc) Single cylinder, Overhead Valve
Maximum AC Output
(60Hz) 120
4000 watts (33.3A)
Rated AC Output
(60Hz) 120
4000 watts (33.3A)
Receptacles C / E (C) 3-prong DUPLEX, 20A, 125V 5-20P
(E) 3-prong locking plug, 30A, 125V L5-30P
DC output DC Output DC50-170A
Welding 26.5V
Starting system Recoil
Continuous Operating
Hours at Rated Load 
Approx. When using AC 5.2 hrs. @ rated load of 4000W
When Welding 7.5 hrs.
Fuel Tank Capacity 4.5 gallons
Dimensions (LxWxH)  with wheel kit: 40.9"x26.4"x30.7"
Dry Weight 192 lbs.
Operating Noise
(at 7m) Rated Load
AC - 72 dB
Weld - 74 dB
Cooling System Forced air
Dry Weight 228 lbs.
Welding Duty Cycle
The duty cycle is the percentage of time that the welder can be operated in a given 10 minute period.

For example, at a rated output of 130 amperes, the EW171's duty cycle is 50%. This means that at 130 amperes, welding can be performed for a total of 5 minutes out of every 10 minute period. The duty cycle is longer at lower operating currents, and shorter at higher currents.
Current 170A 150A 130A 110A Below 90A
Rate 15% 25% 50% 65% 100%



Part Number
Generator Cover, Silver


Service Manual (Includes all supplements) 61ZB460
Parts Manual 18ZC20E4-AH
Air Filter 17211-899-000
Spark Plugs 98079-55846 (BPR5ES)
Hour Meter - Helps you keep track of use to ensure prompt maintenance. 08174-881-000AH
Locking Plug (C) 3-prong, 20A, 125V 5-20P 32310-840-000AH
Locking Plug (E) 3-prong locking plug, 30A, 125V L5-30P 32312-880-710

Transfer switches and inlet boxes must be installed by a qualified electrician connection must comply with all applicable laws and electric codes.

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