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KD Series Vacuums

Since 1970, rugged KD vacuums have earned an unmatched reputation for performance and durability. They're simple to use and easy to maintain. Features like 12" ball bearing wheels for low rolling resistance on uneven terrain, large bag capacity, easy on-the-fly height adjustment, and a voracious appetite for anything from leaves to glass bottles or cans make the KD a popular choice. The self-propelled estate models are available with or without a 2" chipper for sticks and shrub trimmings. The PRO series include commercial-duty engines for every day contractor use.

shown with optional hose kit)


Model KD410 TKD512SP KD512SP KD511H KD511IC
Engine B&S Quattro B&S IC B&S IC Honda GXV B&S IC
Horsepower 4 5.5 5.5 5.5 5.0
Width 27" 27" 27" 27" 27"
Self-propelled - Yes Yes - -
cfm 1552 1552 1552 1552 1552
Chipper - Yes - - -
Bag Volume 10 cu. ft. 10 cu. ft. 10 cu. ft. 10 cu. ft. 10 cu. ft.
Dry Weight 103 lb. 133 lb. 117 lb. 112 lb. 103 lb.

Industrial Vacuums

Designed with the professional in mind. Featuring all-steel construction, adjustable intake, and simple design, the original BG (introduced in 1967) continues to offer years of trouble-free use. Two models of Quiet Vac® vacuums (SV and VQ )make Billy Goat the leader in noise reduction efforts. features a revolutionary bagging system, interchangeable front wheels for use on hard surfaces or turf, and whisper quiet operation. At 33" of intake width and 10 bushel bag capacity, the VQ is our largest vacuum. has five forward speeds plus reverse. All Billy Goat industrial vacuums devour leaves, thatch, paper, and other debris including glass bottles, cigarette butts and cans with ease. They are ideal for the maintenance of parking lots, shopping malls, schools, hospitals and scores of other applications. Hose kits available as accessories.

shown with optional hose kit)

shown with optional hose kit)

Model SV50H BG1002 BG1002SP VQ1002SP VQ802SPH
Engine Honda GX B&S Intek B&S Intek B&S Intek Honda GX
Horsepower 5.5 10 10 10 8
Width 27" 29" 29" 33" 33"
Self-propelled - - Yes Yes Yes
cfm 2032 1915 1915 2032 2032
Bag Volume 6.8 cu. ft. 10.6 cu. ft. 10.6 cu. ft. 12.4 cu. ft. 12.4 cu. ft.
Dry Weight 153 lb. 166 lb. 203 lb. 282 lb. 278 lb.

Debris Loaders

The U.S. originator of portable debris loaders, Billy Goat offers units ranging from 11HP to 20HP. All units feature thick, armor plate steel impellers (TR-4 bladed 1/4", HTR-4 bladed 3 /8", QL-6 bladed 3/8") for bulk reduction and impact resistance. Large diameter flexible hoses draw vast amounts of thatch, grass clippings, and leaves for bulk reduction and quick processing. The QL (Quiet Load®) is an amazing 15dB quieter than other models yet it pulls 30%greater volume of air than the HTR. If you ’re interested in maximum debris clearing productivity, Billy Goat has the debris loader for you!



Model TR1103 TR1303H HTR1601V QL2000VE
Engine B&S I/C Honda GX390 B&S Vanguard B&S Vanguard
Horsepower 11 13 16 20
Intake Hose 8" 8" 10" 12"
Discharge Tube 7" 7" 7" 8"
cfm 2014 2014 3200 3604
Dry Weight 210 lb. 214 lb. 247 lb. 379 lb.

Quiet Blow® Blowers

The lowest noise, lightest weight, best value blowers available. All five Quiet Blow® blowers are equipped with the patented fingertip control exhaust director which allows airflow to be directed exactly where it is needed, when it is needed...simply by squeezing the ergonomically-designed lever. Other unique features include our curved radius housing, lightweight 14-blade fan, pneumatic tires with grease zerks, and shock isolation mounts.



Model Engine Horsepower Self-Propelled Weight
QB554HC Honda GC 5 - 98 lb.
QB654 B&S Intek 6.5 - 104 lb.
QB884H Honda GX 8 - 136 lb.
QB1004 B&S Intek 10 - 136 lb.
QB1304H Honda GX 13 - 152 lb.
QB1601 B&S Twin 16 - 234 lb.
QB1601SP B&S Twin 16 Yes 274 lb.